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Media coverage

Botero_et_al_2014_figureCoverage of “The ecology of religious beliefs.”

This quote from Chris Mooney’s piece on the Washington Post’s Wonkblog makes an important point: “The researchers emphasize that their findings should not be taken as a form of geographical determinism. In addition to the environment and ecology, their model also took into account factors like language [cultural transmission], a society’s political complexity, and whether it practiced agriculture and animal husbandry. And the upshot is that “after you control for all that stuff, you find that ecology still has an effect,” says Botero.” 

Prensa_imageDel Moral, T. 2010. Agrobiodiversidad, cultura y desarollo (Agrobiodiversity, culture and development): Coverage of our research in Panama’s major newspaper, La Prensa Panamá / Artículo de La Prensa Panamá sobre agrobiodiversidad y nuestro trabajo en Darién. [PDF]